Our Mission

JEDIHK GROUP SERVICES will provide quality service, medical equipment and supplies to the residents of our area.

Our Vision Statement.

JEDIHK GROUP SERVICES will always strives to be the best Home Medical Equipment (HME) service provider by offering our customers quality products while maintaining our focus on service and values.

Our company philosophy, JEDIHK GROUP SERVICES is committed to delivering the highest quality of medical equipment, training, and services patients and their families by trained, qualified Staff. JEDIHK GROUP SERVICES is committed to providing an efficient streamlined order intake process for receiving orders and verifying patient information in a timely manner, also, is committed to controlling the costs associated with home medical equipment services in this time of escalating home health care and related expenditures.

Business Services: Equipment Management Plan and Safety


JEDIHK GROUP SERVICES has developed and implemented an equipment management program that ensures the prevention and control of safety risks and hazards for its staff and patients. Inventory control procedures have also been established so that all equipment is tracked and delivery, repair, and return records are kept.

Medical equipment are obtained only from manufacturers that provide evidence that they test equipment to ensure that it meets standards for product quality and safety. Equipment and supplies must meet applicable U.S Food and DRUG Administration (FDA) requirements for medical device effectiveness and safety, American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society (RESNA) standards and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) quality system standards.

JEDIHK GROUP SERVICES provides only durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) and other items that meet applicable Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and medical device effectiveness and safety standards. JEDIHK GROUP SERVICES obtains copies of the features, warranties, and instructions from the manufacturer for each type of non-custom fabricated items.

Preventive maintenance is performed on all equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and/or JEDIHK GROUP SERVICES policy. If there are no manufacturer’s guidelines, maintenance is performed when equipment is returned from patient use on an as-needed basis. Patients are supplied with replacement equipment while repairs and/or maintenance are performed on rental equipment. Replacement equipment may also be offered, if available, while customer-owned equipment is being repaired.

A permanent record is maintained of all repairs, maintenance, and service performed on equipment.

Qualified individuals train all employees who perform repairs, quality checks and maintenance. Persons without such training are not permitted to attempt to perform repairs, quality checks or preventive maintenance. Manufacturer-certified training is obtained whenever required. Written evidence of training is maintained in the employee’s personnel file.

Manufacturer manuals, preventive maintenance instructions, documentation of product features, and warranties for all equipment that JEDIHK GROUP SERVICES provides are maintained in a central location accessible to employees.

The following are steps used to ensure that maintenance, repairs, and quality checks are handled in a timely, efficient, and organized manner:

1. Performance of manufacturer’s suggested maintenance/service

2. Is documented on stickers attached to equipment and/or in a log kept

3. All requests for equipment repair are put in writing and

4. Documented on a repair tag or form that is then sent to the

5. Technician responsible for the repair.

The repair request tag or form lists the following types of information as needed:

1. Asset number of the piece of equipment.

2. Type of equipment.

3. Reason for repair.

4. Name of the person who picked up the broken equipment.

5. Name of the patient.

6. Any additional information about the problem with the equipment.